Born in Trieste, she currently lives in Bologna. Actress since 2009, she studied at Scuola di Teatro Colli directed by Emanuele Montagna, School of Theater of Emilia Romagna, Italy.
She participated at permanent expressive workshop "Dopo di nuovo" directed by A. Cortesi at Casa dei Risvegli Luca de Nigris. She had the privilege of training and working with various actors, directors and entertainment professionals such as Emanuele Montagna, Francesco Macedonio, Ariella Reggio, Alessandra Cortesi, Michele Cosentini, Andrea Maioli, Eugenio Maria Bortolini, Andre Santonastaso, Alessandro Fornari, Aldo Sassi, Silvana Strocchi, Giorgio Comaschi, Renzo Morselli, Salvatore Cardone, Nino Campisi, Angela Bavaria, Guido and Piero Ferrarini, K. Zanussi. She took the degree at the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy of Bologna in the DAMS (theatre) degree course. She plays roles ranging from comic to dramatic, but always giving depth and depth to the character, according to the Stanislavski-Strasberg method studied at Colli in Bologna. She has worked with other important artists (Gabriella Monte - composer and singer - Monia Fucci - actress - Eloisa Mineccia - writer and director with the participation of Luca Donati - photographer of the project) at MALE / FEMMINE , a project that puts the woman in the foreground, addressing different issues, such as violence, exploitation, migration.